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A Chinese energy saving lights manufacturer profile for your reference

It's a reliable and experienced manufacturer who offers a wide range of energy saving lighting products, including CFLs, energy saving bulbs, fluorescent light fixtures, ceiling lights, down lights, halogen lamps, and more. If you do not find the product you are looking for, this company can customize the products according to your specific requirements. As products have the advantages of stylish designs, low electricity consumption, short starting time, and long lifespan, they are increasingly used in homes, supermarkets, offices, schools, hotels, factories, and hospitals, as well as residential areas.
In order to provide customers with better quality, they strictly manufacture the energy saving bulbs and fluorescent light fixtures in accordance with IEC6068, IEC60969 standards, and apply a thorough quality control system to monitor each phase of manufacturing, from raw material acquisition, through production, to the delivery to the customers. In addition, the key components of the products, such as tubes, are produced by our plant and not outsourced, which further ensures the quality of our ceiling lights and down lights. As a result of the consistent commitment to product quality and reliability, you can feel secure to purchase the products such as compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent fixtures, and ceiling lamps, etc..